Misalignment Costs Companies $2.29 Million Per 100 Employees Annually1. Transform Your Talent Alignment with Loomenti and Save Millions.

Unlock Your Team's Potential
1Sources: Gallup, LinkedIn, SHRM, Built In, Deloitte


At Loomenti, we believe that every employee should thrive in their role. Our solution helps mid-sized companies transition the right employees into needed roles instead of hiring externally.

Personality Assessment
Understand Your Team

Identify strengths and areas for development with comprehensive assessments.

Goal Generation
Strategic Goal-Setting

Align employee goals with company objectives for optimal performance.

Growth Mapping

Provide step-by-step guidance for career transitions within your organization.

Career Score
Data-Driven Insights

Leverage data to gain insights into organizational skill distribution and gaps.


At Loomenti, we empower mid-sized companies to optimize their talent alignment. Our platform provides data-driven insights and personalized recommendations to help you get the most out of your workforce, reduce costly employee turnover, and avoid unnecessary hires.

  • 01 Gain A Deep Understanding of Your Team

    Unlock your employees' potential with comprehensive personality and skills assessments. Our data-backed recommendations ensure the right people are in the right roles at the right time.

  • Define clear, strategic goals for your teams and break them down into actionable milestones. Our platform helps ensure everyone is aligned and moving towards common objectives.

  • Utilize deep analytics to understand your organization’s health. Make informed decisions about role assignments, reduce costly employee turnover, and develop employee paths that help grow the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about Loomenti? Here are some answers to common questions:

  • Loomenti’s software enhances workforce optimization by offering a deep understanding of both the company and it's employees, providing intelligent role recommendations, and enabling step-by-step role transition support. This enables company leadership to make better decisions, improve employee satisfaction, and focus on company growth.

  • Talent alignment reduces turnover, boosts productivity, and drives growth. In tech, for example, high turnover can cost a mid-sized company with 100 employees over $1 million annually. Disengaged employees further cost about $756,000 in lost productivity each year. Additionally, effective internal mobility can save around $226,000 in recruitment and extra salaries. Overall, aligning talent can save companies nearly $2.3 million annually for every 100 employees, fostering a high-performance culture and sustainable growth.

  • Traditional HR tools focus on administrative tasks and performance tracking. Loomenti’s talent alignment software offers a holistic approach to optimizing workforce potential by providing assessments, role recommendations, and customized transition support to ensure employees thrive in their roles.

  • Loomenti is used by HR and operations professionals, executive teams, managers, and employees in mid-sized companies. It provides visibility on mismatches, empowers employees to take control of their own careers, and drives continuous improvement throughout the entire organization.

  • The purpose of talent alignment software is to ensure each employee is in a role that best fits their skills, personality, career goals, and organizational needs. This enhances employee satisfaction, reduces turnover, and increases overall productivity and organizational agility.

  • Most companies begin to notice improvements within weeks of implementing Loomenti. Our platform provides insights and steps that lead to significant organizational benefits quickly.

  • We're currently offering an exclusive pilot program for mid-sized companies for a limited time. This is an opportunity to get started with Loomenti at a discounted price. To learn more and join our pilot program, please schedule a call.

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What Do Employees Think?

Employees love Loomenti! Here's what they are saying:


"Loomenti's insights into my skills and strengths not only increased my professional exposure but also prepared me for a leadership role. Their platform can be a valuable tool for companies looking to optimize their talent alignment."

Matt Scherer
Director of Operations, Oncology

"Loomenti's personalized approach provided deep insights into my strengths and career aspirations, enabling me to find a role that truly excited me. Their platform is essential for organizations aiming to align their employees with company goals."

Emilia Czyszczon
Strategy Consultant

"Loomenti's platform provided targeted, actionable guidance that enhanced my professional presence and led to more meaningful engagements with company leadership."

Jonathan Griffith
Senior System Administrator